viernes, 30 de mayo de 2014

Si hacemos lo que realmente nos gusta… / If we do what we really like…

"Cuanto más quiero hacer algo, menos le llamo trabajo."

"The more I want to get something done, the less I call it work."

Richard Bach

Richard Bach (Oak Park, Illinois, 23 de junio de 1936, 75 años). Escritor y piloto de aviación estadounidense, recordado especialmente como autor del libro Juan Salvador Gaviota (Jonathan Livingston Seagull, 1970), que se convirtió en un best-seller mundial en la época y sirvió como argumento de un largometraje dirigido en 1973 por Hall Bartlett.

Richard David Bach (born June 23, 1936) is an American writer. He is widely known as the author of the hugely popular 1970s best-sellers Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah, among others. Bach's books espouse his philosophy that our apparent physical limits and mortality are merely appearance. He claims to be a direct descendant of Johann Sebastian Bach. Bach is noted for his love of flying and for his books related to air flight and flying in a metaphorical context. He has pursued flying as a hobby since the age of 17. In late August 2012 Bach was badly injured when on approach to landing at Friday Harbor his aircraft clipped some power lines and crashed upside down in a field.